scream of delight

At 7 in the evening, while grilling meat for dinner, my husband handed me my phone saying "Balay Indang is calling you". With a puzzled face, I took the call, wondering why were they calling me. The minute the call was ended, I was up on my feet screaming yet again. This time though, it was a scream of delight!

It turns out, Balay Indang called me up to share with me the good news. Ate Sonia gladly told me that the big group moved their accomodation to another weekend! Which means, with less crowd, a quieter Balay Indang is welcoming us this weekend!
After ranting about a ruined day, the phone call made me feel that the heavens heard my screams!

You won't believe how my husband and I looked like after the phone call. With arms around each other, like grade school kids, we hopped and hopped around the house, excited for our backpacking weekend!

*I'm sending a warm hug to MYLS for cheering me up! We just listed The Coffee Farmhouse to our list of Must-Visit Places!

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mem mallary-santiago said...

I am excited for you and the husband! Congratulations for the happy 2 years! Many many many more to come! :) It's so heartwarming to know that you find time to celebrate the special day.

I wasn't able to print the father's day digiscrap yet.