what ruined my day

What ruins your day? Is it the bumper to bumper traffic even if you left for work early?
A work deadline you missed out? A drained phone battery when you need to make an important call? A missing car key? It is draining, really. It makes you wanna scream your heart out.

Just this morning, it felt as if the world was picking on me as our weekend Tagaytay plan seemed impossible to happen. You see, my husband and I are spending our 2nd wedding anniversary tomorrow and we chose to celebrate it in Balay Indang this weekend. I was excited to see a text message from the caretaker this morning only to realize she was implying the venue was quite full. A group of 65pax was checking in with us! Nooo!

At this time, my husband and I are checking out every blog to see what would be the best alternative to Balay Indang. What we want is a quiet paradise with a rustic ambiance. So how is our research doing? Not good!

And that is what ruined my day!

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myls said...

ei jan, when i read about balay indang, it sounded like a place i read about before, "the coffee farmhouse". check out their website: http://thecoffeefarmhouse.wordpress.com/

hope it would improve your mood. :)