a deliquent blogger influences budding poets

Who, in her right mind, would have thought I , a deliquent blogger, could influence 2 of my friends to venture into blogging! And these girls are truly talented --- 2 budding poets hiding beneath those lovely smiles. Now that they are finally out in the blogosphere, they deserve to be mentioned in this little corner of mine, and be introduced to the rest of my blogmates!

Her smile brightens everyone's dull morning. Liway, a gifted Lower Grade teacher, always has something wonderful to say about Life and Love. Add to that, some Laughter too. Read her Injured Tales at Twenty-Plus and be inspired.

A blooming bride she definitely is. Whatever instrument you hand her, Olive is a genuine artist. Be it a pen and paper, a paintbrush and a canvas or a kikay-kit and a mirror, the artist in her will eventually emerge. Read her Life in a Nutshell and let her awaken your senses with her musings.

I am a deliquent blogger. But, aware of the influence I have on blogging, I have to gather myself up and ensure this nook of mine is updated every now and then. Who knows, maybe I could influence my nephews to start blogging too!

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