an attempt of food photography

Amazed at how professionals artistically create mouth-watering photos, I have always wanted to try Food Photography myself. Armed with a point-and-shoot Canon Digital Ixus camera and a little amount of confidence at my photography skill, below is what I have on my first attempt on food photography. These are chosen photos from the buffet meal served to me and my husband in Balay Indang.

Here are 6 of the general tips I have read on food photography, some of which I forgot to consider.

1. Choose a setting that doesn't distract you from the food. Use a plain background.
2. Experiment and rotate the camera --- take shots from the top, left and right angle.
3. Zoom your lens and come closer to your subject to magnify details.
4. Use the rule-of-thirds to make the photo more interesting.
5. Take photos of colorful meals, forget about dull and earth-colored food.
6. Shoot and snap! Enjoy the shoot and take lots of it!

So there goes my first attempt on food photography. Would you be kind enough to give me some feedback? Oh, by the way, see how I made my watermark on the photos? I love it!


Kero said...

Jan, these are awesome shots! how did you make the water marks? and what is the rule of thirds? ako din interesado sa photography but i don't know much hihi.

you did a great job! especially on the prawns.

Joanne MV said...

I will follow your tips sis. With my birthday coming up soon, I will try my hands on food photography...hehehe.

Btw, the photos you took are great! ;) Regardless your using a point and shoot camera.

Olive =) said...

Ang galing mo!!! Astig ka talaga! So talented! =) At dahil diyan, talagang di na magbabago ang isip ko to have you as my "unofficial wedding photographer"...hehehehe... dapat may new cam ka na non ok?!

Kero said...

thank you so much for taking time to share the link Jan. will check it out in awhile.

got something special for you here http://kcelebration.blogspot.com/2009/07/adorable-blog-award.html

Liway said...

Wahh..This is all so sinful and tempting..!! Not good not good!