piece of heaven

It was the most peaceful and undisturbed weekend spent in a secret garden off the corner of Tagaytay in Indang, Cavite. I am referring to Balay Indang, a piece of heaven that puts you on a spell of calmness. The very second your foot steps on its soft soil, you know you are in for heaven's unruffled way of life.

Hubby & I in the lobby of Balay Indang's main house

Much as I want to narrate to you a detailed account of our anniversary weekend, I can only share a general description as of this time. We have bags that need to be unpacked and a load of photos begging to be viewed. For the moment, I hope the photo above makes you anticipate a comprehensive journal of our piece of heaven experience in Balay Indang!


Joanne MV said...

Can't wait for your story sis :) Anf of course, loads of pictures that goes with it ;)

Olive =) said...

Looks so nice! Can't wait to see the pics and visit the place myself! =)

Kero said...

this is rally late Jan, but i still want to wish you more anniversaries to come...and a baby soon! hihi