reasons to love typhoon Isang

If Typhoon Isang was furious yesterday, this time she is going insane! There are no buildings to see out of the window, just dark gray skies. Is it fun seeing it that way? Honestly, it is, for a couple of reasons.

Reason number 1, DepEd finally suspended classes early on. No need for students to wake up early and stay in school until their mid-day announcement. So unlike yesterday. Does this mean DepEd is finally past through their dreaded tale? I am hopeful of that.

Reason number 2, the weather calls for some warm and creamy chocolate drink with tiny marshmallows for breakfast. Just in time, we bought some in our recent grocery purchase. Bring out the left-over rice from last night. Fry it with egg, green peas and hotdogs. Fry some dried fish. What do you have now? An authentic Filipino breakfast on a cold morning!

Reason number 3, the cold weather is conducive for downtime. And what perfect way to spend the day doing nothing on a Friday. Download all you want. DVD marathon all day. Go facebook-ing. Read the latest scoops in hollywood through TMZ. Or just curl up in bed the whole day.

Some people (that could be you) may not agree with my list here. That's perfectly fine. I would suggest though, for you to blog about the reasons not to love typhoon Isang. Your reason number 1 could be the many Filipinos living in coastal areas. Let me know if you've written it. I am just here beside my computer, loving my authentic Filipino breakfast!

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