the dreaded tale of DepEd

When they need to, they don't. When they don't have to, they do. Such is the dreaded tale of DepEd in suspending classes in the Philippines. It is an all too familiar tale ever Filipino, who once went to school or is currently a student , knows by heart.

Just this morning, the storm was undeniably furious. We all thought classes will be suspended. Glued to our televisions and radio sets, we waited anxiously for their announcement. Bursting our bubble, they did not suspend classes! On we went with our day-to-day routines, unmindful of the strong rains outside our building. And just when every student and teacher were all focused with their lessons, they suspend classes. In most cases in the Metro, commuting home is the major problem students go through whenever DepEd suspends classes mid-day. In our case, it was the traffic as sedans, vans and SUVs begin lining up in our school grounds. So how did we manage the early dismissal this day? With every manager, teacher and staff up on our toes, I would say we did it excellently!

I wonder if DepEd's dreaded tale will ever come to an end. One thing is for sure though. There will be endless complains from parents later in the evening news!

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