pay per post version 4.0

With the global financial crisis we are all experiencing now, the idea of making extra income is the goal of every sane human being. Most of my affiliates are either into food-cart or clothing business. As financial analysts would often say, food and clothes are essential needs. Naturally, even with the prevalent crisis, a person would have to purchase food and clothes. So how do we survive our day-to-day lives with these financial issues? Pay Per Post version 4.0 Alpha offers bloggers opportunities to earn extra income.


Run by Izea, the interface of Pay Per Post version 4.0 is cleaner and looks more organized. A newbie at paid blogging will find navigating through the website hassle-free. But expect few paid opportunities as version 4.0 was just recently launched.

Like what our moms told us, patience is a virtue. And being patient for paid opportunities to come will surely be rewarded in time.

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