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Photography as a hobby has gained popularity the past years. To aide a booming number of beginners, online forums, journals and tutorials are made available to photo enthusiasts like me. In just a click of the mouse, as we learn the basics, photography becomes a truly addicting hobby. To encourage a photographer wannabe to keep clicking on his camera taking snap shots of every significant and not so significant moments, free photo sharing sites are made available online. What is nice about these photo sharing sites is that they are mostly for free!
These sites can even provide inspiration on various trends in capturing momentous events.

With a number of photo sharing sites made available through search engines, choosing where to sign up to place your photos may get rather confusing. So how does one choose where to place his gallery of photos?

The first factor one has to consider is how user friendly the free photo sharing site is. Does it provide users with a swift navigating system? Is the homepage organized and uncluttered? Does it allow easy access of other artist galleries? Is tagging of photos allowed? Are popular artists and galleries accessible?

If the factors mentioned above are the items you wish to consider when choosing manageable photo sharing sites, then www.picuna.com may just be the answer. Picuna is a free and unlimited photo sharing community where you can organize images with galleries and group galleries. With galleries, you can organize your photos. Group Galleries on the other hand are designed to share photos of the same topic. It is really easy to register. You only have to sign up, fill in some important facts about you and presto! You may start uploading your photos on your dashboard. Pretty easy? I would rather say it's a precise example of a manageable photo sharing site.

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