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Graduation is a milestone in every student's life. It signifies both the beginning and the end. It marks the beginning of another chapter of one's life. It's a breakthrough. It's a turning point. It is the beginning of memories to be cherished. Yet, it also marks the end of one's simpleness. One's uncomplicated way of looking at things.

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We all have our own graduation songs in High School. Those that give us goosebumps whenever we hear it on the radio. That particular song that leaves us reminiscing about those not so recent past. And this week's coffee break leaves you with this simple question:

What was your High School

Graduation song?


Jessica said...

hi jan, what was our grad song, it was with the lyrics "we used to be frightened and scared to fly" yun, i don't remember the title. although, this song got popular years before our graduation, we used it anyway. :)

charmaine santiago said...

i really can't remember what our grad song was. haha! it's been 11 yrs ago.... we've been champion sa songfest kaya our class sang i dreamed a dream (les mis... :D

Unknown said...

Oooh..that's also our graduation song.. the title is FAREWELL by Raymong Lauchengco :)

Unknown said...

Hi Caca! Farewell ata ang title nung song na yun. :)
Hi Jan! Thanks for these week's coffee break version. Hay. Brings back our corny and jologs HS days! LOL! Our graduation song was In My Life by Beatles! We are not that old ha pero that was our graduation song! Imagine that! Yun ang pinili kasi ng aming teachers and director. Hay naku! We preferred Paglisan sana but syempre, they were so KJ and chose In My Life. Hayun. :)
I hope you are having a good break from work!

RoSeLLe said...

hi jan! you've been visiting my blog for a while now and i noticed that your link isn't in my list... sorry about that.. i added it already. one question pala, just pretty curious :) how did you know my hubby's name? :D


Princess Vien said...

hi jan, i thought wlang coffee break ngaun eh.. hehehe..

here's mine


nol_espedido said...

hi jan! hmmm. . . i can't think of the title right now but it's a barry manilow song. think? think? think? OMG! i can't remember the title. it was already fifteen years since our HS grad. i can't even think of the lyrics . . . he he he . . . the only words i can remember is "rain", "chasing my fears away", "masquerade". Yes! after several minutes of pondering i knew it - "I made it through the rain".

mari said...

mine's up, its here :) http://gwenmarisalvilla.com/2008/04/02/coffee-break-13.aspx

same lang with caca actually ang sagot ko :p

abie said...

Here is my answer sis:



Tes Tirol said...

sorry jan, had probs with my connection yesterday and today. 'la ko matandaan na grad song, nabubuko tuloy ang kapanahunan ko. actually what I remember vaguely is raymond lauchengco's song - don't know if the title is right. yung 'farewell to you my friend' ba yun. :)

Bella Sweet Cakes said...

Hay naku,,, it was way back from Tralala... humm.. ano nga ba,, sa sobrang tagal nakalimutan na.. We used to sing Sharon Cuneta's High School Life... hay reminiscing the old days..... brings back good memories.. Salamat sa pag papaalala

theworkingmom said...

My answer is here. :)