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I am a certified fan of horror flicks.

Watching scary movies would certainly give me the creeps yet I would still sit glued on my seat anticipating every horrifying scene. Last night, because there was no interesting show on cable, my husband and I decided to see this movie he downloaded at www.fullandfree.info.

Borderland, one of the top 8 horror films at this something-something festival (hehe, I can't really recall what festival it was), tells the story of this untouchable group in Mexico. Even the city's police would ran away from them in the middle of a savage mess. The gang was thought of as immortals and brutally cruel. The film, in my point of view, is awfully gory. Just like the trilogy Saw, I didn't like it. But Gino did. As to why... that I don't know. I have my own top 3 scariest films that I would love to see over and over again. And I was wondering what my blogmates would say when asked:

What are your top 3 scariest movies?


Fresh Pair PH said...

My top 3 scariest movies of all time:

1. The Grudge

2. The Ring

3. The Eye

and all movie titles with "the" at the beginning hehe kidding.

Unknown said...

Hi Jan! I never liked horror movies! Naku, ayokong nagugulat. :D I remember watching Chuckie ba yun? Naku. Yun lang ata ang naaalala ko. Never ever liked them. Period. Hehe.
Take care!!

Tes Tirol said...

naku jan, wala ata akong sagot dito ngayon kasi I really don't watch horror movies by choice. Mag cha-tsaa na lang muna ko. :)

charmaine santiago said...

IT (stephen king) is the only movie I can remember... I am not fond of watching horror movies that's why. :)

Rocks said...

hi jan! late ako lasr week sa coffe break..(again)

here's mine at http://raua.blogspot.com

Princess Vien said...

hi jan..

you can view my answers here..


theworkingmom said...

My answer is here.


Kero said...

My answers are up!



Thanks Jan!!

Unknown said...

Hi Jan. Here's my answer to this week's coffeebreak - http://reejane.blogspot.com/2008/04/coffee-break-ver-14.html

Bunnie said...

hi jan! here are mine:

1. sukob
2. the ring
3. sixth sense

too bad my hubby doesnt like watching movies that involves ghosts or the like...

mari said...

sis, sorry late as usual... super late ngayon :D

here is my answers: