balay indang: a cozy retreat

Leaves playfully falling on the ground during daytime and cricket sounds filling the air at nighttime. I would call these nature sounds as beautiful music and only people who visit Balay Indang gets to experience it. This kind of music is what makes Balay Indang a cozy retreat to an overworked individual. With cabanas and hammocks beautifully arranged in the garden, you would naturally find your spot and take a breather in this soothing landscape.

An impressive array of interior with fine details will greet you as you enter the dining hall and its kitchen. Imagine the wall filled with mirrors in various sizes and designs. Imagine the dining hall ceiling covered with an oversized native banig, a large mirror and Christ's Last Supper.
While you lose track of time admiring the fine interiors, Balay Indang's amiable staff tells you it's meal time. In this very same dining hall, a tummy-filling set of sumptuous buffet meals is served on 5 occasions --- lunch, afternoon snacks, dinner, breakfast and morning snacks.

Just after dinner, it feels relaxing to go for a cold swim at the pool. With the stars watching over you, you would feel safe and at ease. You would naturally feel tired after a few swimming laps and would wish to retire in your bedroom. Just the sight of its clean bedsheets and rustic interiors makes you want to run to dreamland. With a well thought of interior, the room is amazingly big. The bathroom, designed with stones, unfinished flooring and white curtains, you would wonder if you're really in a bathroom. As you lie in bed, you would eventually ask yourself why you discovered this place of cozy retreat just now.

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Balay Indang is located at Indang, Cavite, about 2-hour drive from Manila. By public transportation, you may reach it by going to Tagatay Rotonda. From there, ride a jeepney with a signage that says Indang. Tell the driver to drop you off at Balay Indang (also known as otso-otso). By private transportation, take Sta. Rosa exit in South Super Highway. Head straight to Tagaytay Rotonda. Familiar landmarks would be the Casino, Robinsons Mall and Mushroom Burger. When you see Mendez Avenue, turn right. When you reach the dead end, turn right again and drive until you see Balay Indang on our left. You won't get lost, just look for a big wooden gate with the number 88. For reservations, call 0917-8374261 and look for Sonia or Marge. Accomodations are as follows: daytour with buffet lunch and free use of facilities at Php550 per head, an overnight stay inclusive of 5 buffet meals, free use of facilities and room accomodation at Php2,400 per head.

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