coffee beans

Who would have thought these ugly looking dried brown beans will turn into a cup of coffee with an all familiar
sweet-smelling aroma. Our weekend experience in the Coffee Farmhouse taught us the process of making coffee from harvesting, milling, roasting, grinding and brewing. The 5-step process in turning those beans to a cup of coffee are the very same reason why Starbucks and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf are now giant names in the cafe business.

Title of the Photo: Coffee Beans
Date Taken: August 30, 2009
Canon Digital Ixus 80 IS


Olive =) said...

I loved all your new photos from the Coffee Farm!!! =) Great entries, friend! So when are you buying your digital SLR?

Sendo said...

ugly beans...wonderful relaxants .. kk

jeff said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Ate.. coldsouljeff.blogspot.com re:tagaytay escapade... ;). your blog is great! I like the layout its very neat.. ;). can you link my blog to yours po?.. thanks!

Kero said...

i can almost smell the coffee brewing. great photo Jan!