living the frugal way

I remember the many occasions my sisters tell me how stingy I am compared to them. But I refuse to be called that way. I think economical sounds better. With the current financial crisis the world is experiencing, shopping has taken a back seat for me and my husband. If it isn't necessary, we don't purchase items. We clearly draw the line between what's needed from what's wanted. Every centavo counts, really.

But Saturday night, as Gino and I went to SM Megamall Megatrade Hall's Shoe and Bag Sale, we totally forgot about living the frugal way. A few seconds after trying on a pair of Marc Ecko shoes, we found ourselves lining up by the counter to pay for it. We weren't able to resist buying 2 pairs of shoes at
50% less it's price! My husband's white and brown sneakers (shown above) was originally at Php3,600 while mine was at Php2,900.00. But with the discount tags, we paid just Php3,400 for both pairs!

Wait. I think that's still living the frugal way since we bought them on sale. And, that colorful Marc Ecko shoes is my husband's birthday gift for me!


Unknown said...

Aww...too bad I didn't catch this sale :(

Btw, I'm using my own domain now :) Kindly changed reejane.blogspot.com to www.reejane.com

Thanks Jan!

I still owe you a tag...hehehe. I will finish it this week. Promise!

chiel said...

Th0se were a good deal and good looking shoes too.