post birthday celebration

Microsoft Excel deserves a standing ovation! My husband and I have finally decided where to go for my post birthday celebration. With the help of Excel, Gino compared 3 of our folksy destination choices.

A reasonable overnight accommodation rate. Adequate amenities and facilities. Appealing buffet meals. Homey and provincial feel. These considerations filled out 4 columns of our excel file which he labeled as Post Birthday Celebration. Was it helpful? 101% it sure was!

So where are we headed on August 29-30?
It is very near Tagaytay. This laid-back destination is situated somewhere in Alfonso, Cavite. It's a quiet farmhouse with a lush of coffee trees and flowering plants. Gino and I are counting the days until our toes touch its domestic and friendly setting. Until then, let me leave you wondering of this new intimate discovery of ours!


Kero said...

i bet the pics will be fantastic! post them as soon as you can, Jan. Enjoy the get-away!

myls said...

jan, ito yung coffee farm?