all freaked out

As mentioned in my previous post, I am a creepy flick fanatic. And here goes the top 3 scariest films I have seen. And I mean seen, over and over and over again. Yet, they still leave me all freaked out.

The Exorcist
Truly classic. It never fails to give me sleepless nights. And did I tell you it left me clutching my rosary each time I go to bed?

The Sixth Sense
I wouldn't forget how loud I screamed in the movie house in that scene where this ghost appeared behind Haley Joel Osment while he was in the bathroom. Hair on my nape stood up the whole time. Freaky!

The Eye
Watched this with my whole family at home, with all the lights turned off. We're just so crazy doing that. The result? We were all screaming our hearts out. While our mom said "ano nakakatakot dun?"

Here's a little trivia. Our mom has never been scared of any spooky movie. None at all. Until now, our challenge is to find a film that would earn us a nod from her. Difficult task. She thinks no movie is worth any of our screams. That's our mom!


sendzki said...

have you watched shutter? so far it's the creepiest flick i've watched! the original Thai shutter movie.

Rocks said...

sis, sa sobrang pagkatakot ko, di ko nakayanang panoorin ang "the exorcist" haha!