UP weekend

Like what was planned, my hubby and I were in UP Diliman last Saturday. The plan to jog however didn't push through. We didn't have enough time to do it. Instead, we just goofed around the campus. I also brought along with me my point-and-shoot camera and took some precious photos. I will be posting more images soon. But for now, here are some.

There. You guys finally get to see my new hairdo. I am so in-love with my curls!!! Hubby adores it too. Wait, don't you think I need to get some tan? Look, I'm so white I look like a ghost!


Suzanne said...

Hay. Naiinggit ako! :) Been dreaming of having curls. Two years na ata. Eh panong magcu-curls kung short ang hair di ba? Kung every month eh nagpapagupit. Hay.

Pero love your curls ha, Jan!! We were at UP din last December pero hindi naman nagtagal for some photo ops. Hay. KJ mga kasama ko. Hehe. Pero we had fun naman sa Ateneo. Dun kami nagphoto-ops. And this reminds me that I need to scrap those photos pa. Haay.

wifeynibangis said...

sis! di naman masyadi kita yung kulot mo eh :) i tagged you pala :) check mo tong pit stop blog ko ok?


laura said...

ok lang ako jan.......gana talaga kahit saang angulo tingnan.gagaling nyu naman mag shot.

Portia said...

nice pics...very sweet poses with your hubby!great!nice to meet u online.