good 'ol days

Back in High School, Eraserheads was the coolest band in the OPM scene. For that reason alone, we wanted their hit song Wit A Smile as our Graduation song. We thought it was the perfect choice since we used it during our Senior's Retreat. We sang it during recess. We jammed on it on weekends. It was THE SONG of our time. However, our teachers thought of a better choice.

And so our Graduation song became Color It Red's Paglisan. Although the song does speak of goodbyes, initially we thought it talks more of death. That it sounds too sad. That it doesn't have a sentimental meaning on our batch. Haha. When you don't like something, you find ways of convincing other people too. Of course our teachers won us over. More than a decade after, whenever I listen to this song, I couldn't help but reminisce of the good 'ol days, the innocent mistakes committed, the hilarious pranks, cheeks turning pink over hearing our crushes' names. High School. Truly memorable and monumental.


wifeynibangis said...

yikes! same age group talaga tayo sis kaya soulsis talaga kita hahaha! reminiscin is good :)

happy said...

i remember those days as well. :)

sendzki said...

samin naman GLOWING INSIDE! Pamatay na graduation song, parang buong Pilipinas ginawang graduation song yun! Huhu, kainis, gusto sana namin eh iba. natatawa na lang kami pag naalala namin ung kantang un....di naman kami gumagamit ng vaseline haha