green thumb

I have often wondered if I could be like my mom. Gifted with a green thumb.

In a recent visit in her hometown in Pampanga, I got really amazed at her set of pots where these green plants looked so mighty proud. They seemed to be trying to reach for the top. Like a person stretching her wits and acts to get hold of her dreams. I couldn't help but take photos of it. And this is what I came up with Mama's pot of Horse's Tail. Wait, should it be in plural form? Haha.

Title: Crowded House (shot in Pampanga)
What I Love About This Photo: The title says it all. The plant looked like people struggling to get somewhere.



Ah, so that's a horse's tail :)

does it wag sideways, too? kidding :)

christo said...


very interesting plants; quite different than theese surrounding me in my country..
may you name them?

Suzanne said...

Lovely! Talaga? From Pampanga ang mom mo? My mom too! And my husband. :)