strips to ease

I just finished conducting the whole day training for guidance counselors and my oh my! I sure had a lot of fun introducing them to our Guidance Systems.

They seemed to enjoy my icebreakers. Something to lighten up our topics. We first had My Quirky Fives - where they had to reveal 5 freaky things about them. The revelations were absolutely hilarious! Our new counselors are so talented!

We also had Strips To Ease - an activity where they had to write compliments they received from people. These affirmations, which gave them a sense of happiness and appreciation, will be kept in a canister. These very same strips of compliments shall keep them company as they get to pick and read one
in the most tiresome day of their lives.

And, what do you know! They gave me strips to ease too! But I'd rather not go into details to tell you what it was. I shall keep these affirmations in my canister and pick one some time soon.

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Mec said...


syempre ang basa ko, strips to TEASE :D

have a great weekend ahead sis...