coffee break ver. 1.7

No family is ever perfect. We argue with our parents. We fight with our siblings. We utter hurtful words. Yet, at the end of each day, we still look forward being with them. Because spending time with our families never fails to give us a sense of comfort and belongingness.

My husband and I always anticipate special occasions with our families. It is a time for us to bond with them and catch up on one another's lives. Whether it's a simple event or a grand celebration, it always will be a moment we all love to share with. And now that Gino and I are starting our own family, we dream of making our children experience the love and joy of being a part of our family.

This week's coffee break invites you to:

Share with everyone the fondest memory you have of you and your family.

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Vannie said...

oohh first time ko mag join ^_^

will think long & hard and will post tomorrow!

thanks jan!

mari said...

ang saya naman nitong question of the week... parang sa sobrang dami, hindi ko alam kung alin ang pinaka sa lahat... will post my answer in a while. be back for the link :)

Joanne MV said...

Hi Jan!

Here is my answer ---> http://reejane.blogspot.com/2008/04/coffee-break-ver-17.html

waiting mommy said...

here is the link to my answer: http://gwenmarisalvilla.com/2008/04/28/coffee-break-17.aspx

please check it anytime :)


The family, being the basic unit of the society as the classic definition goes, ought to be solid and promotes the welfare of its members. That being said, even if no family is perfect it should nonetheless strive to experience life in its fullest sense.

I don't have my own family yet, but I look forward the day that I'll be marrying the love of my life and spend my days and nights with her..along with two kids, someday :)

Familia Khuletz said...

Can I join, too?

caca said...

mmm, dami eh. but i'll think of one. :)

theworkingmom said...

Hi Jan! Good topic! Here's my reply :)


Princess Vien said...

hi jan! mine is up now.


Teys said...

nice one, jan. sige pag esep-esepan ko muna ng maigi... be back to post mine later.


teys :)

abie said...

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Rocks said...

here's mine sis :) late man daw hahabol pa rin..hehe!