carly smithson out

Would you believe it! After last night's performance, Carly Smithson has been eliminated! Honestly, I thought Brooke White would be leaving the show. Gosh, her performance last night was just so poorly done. In all the blogs I read, everyone thought she would be out.

But yeah. Being an Irish, we all know Carly won't be the next American Idol.


shutter happy jenn said...

Hi...thanks for dropping by my blog. I appreciate it a lot.

Yeah, I think it should have been Brooke or Jason out, but like what I told my friend, Americans don;t really like half-blooded people to win. Anyway, I am rooting for David Cook to win.

Bill & Gina said...

Yeah i thought brooke might be going also or maybe jason but now Brooke gets another chance and hopefully she will learn from it.

Vannie said...

hai nainis ako sa eliminations yesterday,bet ko pa naman si Carly.

Brooke is not that good ha! grrrr and what she did was a no-no!