david cook on limewire

Yes! Courtesy of Limewire, I have downloaded 6 David Cook performances in American Idol. These songs, in mp3 format, are as follows:

1. Everything I Do

2. Happy Together
3. Hello

4. Eleanor Rigby

5. Billie Jean
6. Always Be My Baby

So far, my favorite is still his very first AI performance, Happy Together! I will definitely update the songs in my cellphone and use one song from him as my ringtone. I am so hooked on David. Tsk tsk tsk. He should win, really. Or else I'll go crazy I might decide never to watch American Idol seasons ever again.

Just a thought in my head. Since I would be spending most of my time listening to his songs later, would I be dreaming about him tonight? Delicioso!


cbs said...

nabasa ko sa baba na mahilig ka magluto. ayan tuloy, pati sa downloads cook pa din. regards po.

mylspretty said...

david cook is a major hottie!!! i love him!!!

Dana said...

hey jan! hubby and i are rooting for david cook too! he's our next a.i!!!!!!!!!