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I guess it has been a month already since I last made a scrap. And to think it's technically my vacation, I still fail to create a scrap. I sit on my computer, search for a kit and end up browsing my song collection. Which, brings me back to my bed until I fall asleep. Again.

But I think it's about time I post one. And since I am soooo lazy designing my own, I used this quickpage instead, just so I could post a scrap. Tsk tsk tsk. Pathetic lazy 'ol me.

Credits: Fuchur74_Endless QP, Font_Laban

That's me with my only niece, Betchay. No one would mistake her for my daughter because of our eyes. She's chinky-eyed while I have round, big eyes.

Ooh this laziness is killing me! I hope to make new scraps within the week.

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Suzanne said...

Hi Jan! You and your niece are so very pretty! :)
I know how you feel. Akin naman eh ala talagang mojo. Do you know what I did? I PRAYED. :) Kasi I am desperate na talaga to scrap a page. Imagine, 1 year almost na no scrapping. Super left behind na ako sa dami ng aming photos and memories. And guess what! It worked!! Hehe. Really. :) I already have two pages na. :)
Try it!