certified book lover

I am! And last Friday I was fortunate enough to visit the Scholastic warehouse. Its location is at
#70 C. Raymundo Avenue., Baranggay Rosario Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines. We were able to buy books as cheap as Php30.00! Here are my finds:

The Everything Tween Book by Linda Sonna, PhD
- bought it for Php90.00
(original price was Php400.00)

Kid's Survival Handbook
- bought it for Php50.00
(original price was Php250.00)

Rumor has it that I'll be handling Middle School kids this coming school year for my counseling load. And that explains my choice of books.

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caca said...

book lover too! :)

right now i'm reading anita shreve's SEA GLASS. :)