family planning & budgeting 101

In one of my conversations with my former-professor-now-ninang, she thought how efficient it would be to include subjects such as family planning and budgeting in college. And now that I am starting my own family, I couldn't help but agree with Ninang Lei.

So why family planning? Well, isn't it obvious? Our population is ballooning (is there such a word?) as each day passes. The effects? The poor getting poorer, more children fail to attend proper schooling, malnutrition in the family, mother's health suffers too. There's not much the government can offer in this area. Look at the number of unemployed and underemployed Filipinos. Look at the rice crises we are going through. I have been very vocal about my being faithful to Catholicism. Its beliefs and practices. But with the growth of our population, I do agree with some politicians and activists who call for a strict implementation on family planning. I don't know how we can do it but I strongly believe we should do something about our country's population, for the sake of our children and our children's children.

*My mother-in-law told me that during President Macapagal's time, a similar rice shortage happened. Like father like daughter?

Some individuals are gifted in the area of Budgeting. And I fall on the opposite side. I have lived quite a luxurious lifestyle when I was still single. Things have changed the day my husband and I began to plan for our wedding and our future family. Being married has truly transformed me into a new person. This time, with the support of my husband, 1. we carefully list down every cash-in and cash-out weekly, 2. we save so we can eventually open a mutual fund, 3. we bring packed-lunch and avoid dining-out (unless there's an occasion). But yeah, people make mistakes, and I still fall, face down.

I loved all your posts on budgeting but I think Teys' reply deserves the most applause. I am re-posting her budgeting secret below. You may view her full entry here.

5 Budgeting Secrets by Teys

1. Be in the know where your cash flows.
2. Best place to eat is at home.
BYOB. Bring your own baon(packed food).
4. Barbecue it!
Be a giver.

I hope this week's coffee break, even in the smallest way, has helped us in our daily plans. Until our next kapihan!

*My warmest gratitude to Mr. Jim Paredes for commenting on this week's coffee break!


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