committed to fitness

Committed to fitness. That's me and my husband. Well, at least for the last 2 weeks. Haha.

I have cooked various meat products (thanks to a compilation of recipes I downloaded from a yahoo group). Sadly though, it doesn't contain vegetable meals. And so I bought this local cookbook which contains a variety of veggie meals. I have tried a few ones. And I am convincing myself to eat what I prepared. You see, I am not a big fan of vegetables. But whenever I don't feel like eating what I cooked, I remind myself of my future grandchildren. I want to see them grow-up. Tell them my experiences. Cuddle and give them butterfly kisses. And guess what. It's effective!

Gino and I have started doing 30-minute exercise routines too. We wake up at 5 in the morning 4 times a day to do our warm-ups, stretching, push-ups and other routines. I tell you, my bones were screaming the very minute I started to stretch! But it felt good, really. Especially when I started to sweat. And who knows. In a year, those crunches, however tough they feel, might just flatten my fat-filled belly.

We are thinking of starting to jog this weekend too. I think UP will be a good place to run to. Anyway, here's a quick guide to living a healthy lifestyle. I found this in this kiddie website and thought you might find it helpful.

Let's all get fit blogmates!

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