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Kindness has been the word-of-mouth of every employee in our school the day our May tasks began. And since my project in July will be about that virtue too, I thought it would be timely to talk about kindness for this week's coffee break.

Kindness is a gift
that nurtures our souls,
smoothes our edges
and awakens our hearts
to beauty.

If you search for the meaning of Kindness in dictionaries, you would naturally come across words such as sympathy, compassion, tenderness and humanity. It is defined as the quality of being warm-hearted, considerate, humane and forgiving. With these thoughts in mind,

How would you teach
the virtue of kindness to your child?


Unknown said...

I think the best way for the parents to teach their children on the "Act of Kindness" is by setting an example within your household. It's much easier to explain to the kids about kindness when they see it right in front their eyes.

As the commercial ad says "Kung ano ang ginagawa ng mga matatanda, nagiging tama sa mata ng bata".

Kindness should start in the family.

Fresh Pair PH said...

I would lead by example. That is perhaps the best way I can do to teach kindness to my child (some time in the future) and to others as well.

theworkingmom said...

My answer is here.

I realize it's the same as the other answers pala :)


Ozzy's Mom said...

done :)


Bunnie said...

i believe that everything should start in the childs home. the parents should set an example.

Tes Tirol said...

hi Jan!

I have mine na! yey! you can read about it here:

Mirroring Kindness


Tes Tirol said...

third time na :)

mine is here:
mirroring kindness

Rocks said...

hi jan! here's mine, finally I'm back in blogoshpere :)


Unknown said...

Hi Jan! I agree with others, by being a good example to my girl, I am teaching kindness and so much more.