delinquent blogger

I am.

A lot of things happening these days. Both in my work and in my personal life. And getting home in the loving arms of my husband is always a moment I look forward to.

Notice how I fail to post new photos or scraps or bits & pieces of anything? It's because I am so filled with tasks to accomplish. Preparations for the coming school year has gone full force. And my weekends are devoted
to our families, mine and my in-laws. And honestly, I am sad at how slow my blog life has been since this month began. I don't even blog at home as I prefer to cover myself with my pillows and blanket to get a much needed nap!

Tsk tsk. Such a lazy blogger. I have to pull myself up and be more diligent in the blogosphere. By the way, coffee break tomorrow, okay? And our Baguio weekend pictures tomorrow too. Promise.

1 comment:

Ibyang said...

okay lang yan jan.
sometimes you have to face the here and now first before the bloglife. i also have certain days like that.