tagged:: my to-do's

Tagged by Mari. Whew! Thankies Mari.

Here goes my To-Do's from today until Sunday:
1. Wednesday
- finish Kindness modules for Lower School 2
- meet with Head of Student Affairs and Headmaster
- buy rechargeable batteries for my camera
- pack stuff for Baguio trip tomorrow
2. Thursday
- meet with in-laws at McCafe in Quezon Ave.
- trip to Baguio!
3. Friday
- act as a tour guide for my in-laws (it's their first trip to Baguio after 20 years!)
4. Saturday
- strawberry and flower-picking at La Trinidad
- shop for pasalubongs
5. Sunday
- back to reality aka Manila

Making this made me look forward more for my vacation! I'm tagging Vannie and Abie.


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Ozzy's Mom said...

wehehehe thanks Jan! but done na po ako nyan.

me at #6.

mari said...

thanks for doing this sis... cutie nung kindness mini poster (tama ba yun?) na gawa mo. the kids will really love giving and receiving it.
enjoy your Baguio trip... bring umbrella and jacket, umuulan every hapon na po.