kindness posters

To make my life easier, I have started looking for kindness posters this early. And I am so proud of myself. For a change, I am planning 2 months ahead of my project! Bravo!

As previously posted, this year's anti-bullying campaign will focus more on being kind. We will be sending out flyers about bullying, the profile of a bully and what to do when bullied. But the activities would mostly be about kindness, tolerance and respect.

Here are 2 of the several informative posters I found. Instead of having it printed and enlarged as our own poster (which isn't allowed), I will instead make one similar to these.

I have yet to present this idea to my boss. Well, I am quite confident (not arrogant!) she'll like the idea. =)

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Arianne The Bookworm said...

i'm sure your boss would love that idea.. :)