a time to celebrate

It is! Why? I just got an increase!

Actually, increases. An increase in our base pay (based on the Council of International Schools Guidelines) and a yearly merit increase (based on ones performance). I didn't want to expect much when told our ATMs will be bulky this payday. It was my way of preparing myself whatever amount I see the minute I type-in my pin. But hey! Surprises! Surprises! I called my husband right away to share with him the good news. Oh! I'm so happy!

Bigger paycheck. Bigger responsibility. I better learn how to save up big time too.

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abie said...

congrats sis...buti ka pa...kami wala pa ding announcement for the annual increase...pero sabi nila wag na daw kami umasa...hehehe...

btw, i have something for you:

what a rose can say?