Thanks to these spoilers. Our Mt. Pinatubo climb is cancelled.

First spoiler --- the weather. It was said in the news last night there will be about 2 storms coming this May. And the 6-hour trek to reach Pinatubo's summit would be a scary thought. We all are thrill-seekers. Certified adventurers. But of course, we want to ensure our safety. And we wouldn't risk our lives trekking between walls of lahar in the company of a storm.

The second spoiler --- new Pinatubo rule. We were informed they don't allow sleep-overs in the summit anymore. Just day-trippers. You wanna know why? Months ago, there was an incident of robbery in the summit. Can you believe that!

So I guess this Mt. Pinatubo climb will be a dream for now. How about next summer?


lagal[og] said...

jan, ok lang yan. my mountaineering group had a tragic incident in pinatubo about 2-2.5 years ago. a friend got caught in a flash flood at apo mallari along with a companion. both of them perished. it's because of the heavy rains on the zambales side which made the river swell. i'm also an adventurer, and a hardheaded fellow. but after that incident, i learned to be more prudent and calculating. it was a heart-wrenching moment to meet with the parents of our friend.

Ozzy's Mom said...

ow wow...amazing. ako i don't dream of climbing natatakot ako.

but my mum did that before she said it was an awesome experience daw so don't let go of that goal.

next summer nlang ^^

tagged u pla Jan,