david cook's final songs

I am totally on air right now watching the American Idol Finals. Among David Cook's 3 songs, I love his first performance the most. I think it was an awesome rendition of U2's I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. Uhm... David? Don't look far. I am here!

David's second song was Dream Big. I am not familiar with the song but what the heck. I am biased. I know he sang it well!

Here's his version of Collective Soul's The World I Know. It was a nice version but what I loved about it was the fact that he sang it with much emotion. Ooh, those tears... I love him!!!

Tomorrow's The Day! I still hope Cook wins!


Alexis Jacobs said...

I think both are very talented and really in the end they both will do well in their own markets. That being said, I want David Cook to win. To me this show is about progression. Who is the next American Idol. Who has worked the hardest to earn that title and changed the most. David A came in sounding amazing. David C has earned his 2nd place spot.

I am still crossing my fingers that Cook will be the one getting sprayed with confetti as he sing the cheesy, but yet I liked it, American Idol song.

mari said...

mare, he did won!!! :)