the colors of aliwan festival

My camera failed me during the
Aliwan Festival. Its batteries went empty an hour before the streetdancing began. Imagine the disappointment I felt. My husband kept telling me "it's okay... we're here to watch and enjoy anyway". And so I did!

What was supposed to start at 4pm began 2 hours late because of the heavy downpour. The organizers almost scrapped the parade and head straight to Aliw Theater for the competition. But the long wait was worth it. The colorful costumes. The ene
rgetic dance moves. It was a truly festive night!

And the winners were:
Carmen Cebu, Sinulog was 3rd Runner Up. Iloilo City, Dinagyang was 2nd Runner Up. And for the 2nd straight year, the Cebu City, Sinulog Festival is Aliwan 2008 Dance Parade Competition Champion.

It was tiring to be standing there for hours. But what the heck, we will be there again next year. And my friend who works in the Manila Broadcasting Compa
ny promised to give me an ID so I would have media access. Whoa!

Looking back, here are some photos from my friend's camera that festive night.

Olive and me posing with a dancer from Leyte's Buyogan Festival

Sherwin and Gino goofing with a Buyogan dancer

Us infront of Shariff Kabunsuan's float

The much awaited dinner with my husband


abie said...

wow, di pa ako naka attend ng aliwan festival..happy pala sya...

btw, sis hope you can add memories to my time capsule:


Unknown said...

Wow! Shariff Kabunsuan? Baka from our place yan ha. Nanalong 2nd placer ata sa pageant ang aming contestant. :)