lean on me

If there is one song that would completely describe how much my family means to me, it would be the Bill Withers song entitled Lean on me.

Every get-together, be it scheduled or spur-of-the-moment, family gatherings are always special. My favorite of all, next to our wedding, would be all our travels. It has been a tradition to go on trips with all the members of my family. In-laws, nephews and nieces, and helpers included. At times, depending on who the sponsor is, we also include aunts and uncles.

The clip above is a video presentation I made of some travel photos we have. It is not surprising that I used the song Lean on me. Enjoy watching!


Ozzy's Mom said...

wow jan, ang ganda ng ginawa mo ^_^
bagay ang song ...

nice. ganda din nung jump shot ha! ehehe

got an award for u here:

mari said...

ang galing, galing... nakakatuwa, nakakaiyak, nakakainggit... basta, nakakainspire :)