the moymoy palaboy phenomenon

Want to have a good laugh? I'm introducing this phenomenal Youtube tandem who calls themselves Moymoy Palaboy. I can assure you a laughing trip the very minute their videos start rolling!

Here's one I'd like to share with you guys. Their spoof of the Spice Girls' Wannabe.

I would love to see them on TV with their own sitcom. It'll surely be a hit!


mari said...

i love them too. I wrote about them before... favorite ko, papa om ma maw :) back to normal na po loading ng page ko... thank God :D

Unknown said...

Hahaha! This is way too funny! Thanks for sharing, Jan!

pektod said...

hahaha, it was great. better watch their rendition of this song:

Moymoy Palaboy Videos - Bartender

hehehe, :-)