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In two weeks' time, students will be walking back to their classrooms as another school year begins.

If you have been reading the papers lately, the headlines would mostly talk about tuition fee hike. Great! Another addition to parents' concerns with the numerous price hike issues our country goes through.

Most parents interviewed in the news said they would transfer their children to public schools. The others boldly said they would let their kids stay in private schools because they trusted them. Which made me wonder, as parents (or future parents to some of us)

What characteristics of a school
are you looking for?


charmaine santiago said...

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Fresh Pair PH said...

If I had a child of my own, I'd go first for the school's academic reputation. And if it boils down to choosing between two schools with parallel academic status, I'd go for the one with the smaller students-per-teacher ration. But that, of course, is bounded by financial constraints :)

Bunnie said...

i want the school to teach my child how to live his/her life, to be God fearing, learn how to share and be good to other people. basically all the right values. because once your kid starts going to school more than 50% of his/her time is spent there and the parents are not around to watch over them.

i dont have a kid yet. i am not an expert in this but i guess, that is why those who are fortunate to have good jobs (despite all the price hikes) work really hard because they want to give their children the best education they can get. even if it means the parents sacrificing their personal needs for the benefit of their child.

Tes Tirol said...

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Ozzy's Mom said...

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Unknown said...

Hello Jan!

My girl's school must have a good reputation, with qualified teachers and well-rounded curriculum. It must be God-centered and teach Christian values.

It must also be secure and offer healthy snacks/food.

It must also have a good PTCA.

Yun lang po. :)

abie said...

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theworkingmom said...

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Unknown said...

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