brighter days ahead

Moses. Aristotle. King Arthur. Edgar Allan Poe. Cher. Marilyn Monroe. Aside from all being famous, what do these men and women have in common? They were all orphans.

Wikipedia defines orphan as a child whose natural parents are absent or dead and are not able to bring him up. Yesterday, my husband and I finally got to meet the children of Tahanan ng Pagmamahal, an orphanage under the care of the Light of Jesus community.

Shown above is a photo of my husband warmly welcomed by the children. The minute they saw us, these children gave us sincere hugs and showed a lot of excitement. Each of them has a sad and depressing story to tell. Looking at their eyes, you would surely know how much they long for a family who would take care of them. The few minutes we stayed at their house made them carry cheerful smiles. As we bid them goodbye, they all shouted "Ingat at balik po kayo! (Take care and come again.)"

Tahanan ng Pagmamahal is located at Brgy. Oranbo, Pasig City, just a few blocks away from Valle Verde Country Club. I am inviting you to pay them a visit. Leave me a message so I can give you their address. Your mere presence gives them hope that there are brighter days ahead of them.


Sendo said...

wow... =D nice...want to visit at least an orphanage before i graduate..

i know someone who always wanted to celebrate her birthday in an orphanage...she's not an orphan..she just really wanted it

Vina P said...

hi jan! can you send me their address (vina_dayo@yahoo.com)? i'm currently looking for a place where my friends and i can troop this christmas for some 'payback' activity. much thanks!!